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I'm Chrysanthe Tenentes.

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Consultant to startups and brands.

I bike most places, prefer dresses to pants, and sneeze in pairs.

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The year in cities, 2012

Places where I spent at least one night during the year:

New York, NY*

San Francisco, CA*

Brookline, MA*

Austin, TX*

Big Sur, CA

Portland, OR

Chicago, IL

Berlin, Germany*

Nice, France

Paris, France

Haverford, PA

Chappaqua, NY*

Liberty, NY

North Bennington, VT* (probably the most time I’ve spent at home since I moved away. Six trips!)

Montauk, NY

Milwaukee, WI (does not technically count since I did not spend the night but that’s probably the farthest I’ve traveled and back in one day)

Monroe, VA

Amagansett, NY

*multiple trips. 

2012. What. A. Year. Truly bittersweet. Happy to be onto a fresh page on the calendar but kind of in awe of everything that happened in one year.

(as an aside, I realized that I used to go through my moleskine datebook/google cal to compile this, whereas now I use instagram and foursquare check-in history to piece my year together) 

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